Contact an offshore outsourcing company inquire about their services.

Project Leadership Associates appears as a viable IT outsourcing company. They have offices in and serve San Francisco, Oakland, Berkley, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Detroit and Seattle. They will also serve southern New Hampshire. The company was founded in 1998 with the intent to provide IT consulting and support for small businesses and mid-market clients. Each client is paired with a senior level consultant giving a unique responsive service and skillful advice.

The service that PL provides assists clients that do not have an IT department. They will provide server administration, desktop support, IT strategy and most importantly budgeting. Succinctly, they will run the IT department. They also provide proactive IT support, IT project strategies, 24X7 monitoring desktop support security audits, staff augmentation, cloud infrastructure services and Exchange services.

What is your position regarding IT outsourcing?

My answer, concerning my position on IT outsourcing, depends on certain variables. Some small to medium size companies do not have the budget to hire an IT staff and manage IT projects. They also might have projects that require a specific need that only precise skill of an IT outsourcing company can fulfill. In this case, IT outsourcing can definitely fill that need for that company. A survey that targeted businesses concluded that “The survey results highlight some outsourcing concerns, but they don’t mean you should avoid outsourcing altogether. You just need to be aware of the issues, and put in the due diligence to forge relationships with quality organizations you can trust” (Bradley, 2012). I have first-hand experience with IT outsourcing at Fidelity Investments. A decision was made to outsource approximately 30% of the staff for cost cutting purposes. Presently the cost savings is not as effective as once thought. We are now hiring in another country where the labor is more cost effective.

Am I in favor of IT sourcing? There is a prevailing theory that IT Outsourcing is the life blood of IT. This theory also states that it saves money and enables the company to engage a broader technical skill. However this confidence is not as high as once thought (Bradley, 2012). The answer is yes but only if the company performs a strenuous exercise to determine if the need to outsource fulfills a specific business requirement. Moreover the company needs to make sure that the expense of the outsourcing doesn’t outweigh an internal IT cost to fulfill the same requirement.


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